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Nathan Lord

Take Your Cisco Webex Solution to the Next Level with LG and Oblong

So here’s the deal… I’m an “old” ScanSource guy (old in tenure, young at heart) but I’ve recently moved into a new role here. I’ve been pushing barcode scanners, mobile computers, printers… the whole POS/AIDC stuff for 10+ years and here I find myself on the Cisco Collaboration side of the business now. What do I mean by “Cisco Collaboration” in regards to this new role? I’m glad you asked…

I think it’s pretty commonly known that ScanSource KBZ is a top Cisco distributor (if you didn’t know, trust me). We have the tools, resources, expertise, and knowledge to really help partners with their Cisco needs. But we’re not content with that. We want to help our partners grow their Cisco business by providing additional solution opportunities, thus, my role. I’m on board to help drive the Cisco Room Kit solutions, specifically with LG Business Solutions and other complementary suppliers.

How is that? Well I’m glad you keep asking these great questions. How about by making your life easier rolling Cisco Webex room kits into bundled solutions with LG displays and Chief mounts. Yep… one part for one complete solution. Oh we can still build an exact solution for you, but now we can offer the total solution you need with one orderable part number.

What if my customer has a really complex solution and they need the “NEXT BIG THING” in collaboration? Wow… you’re on a roll with these great questions. Maybe we pull Oblong Industries into the solution. Oblong’s Mezzanine product offers the ability to turn your standard conference room into a fully interactive multi-stream collaborative set-up straight out of the future. Yep… the Matrix is alive! Think design and engineering, research and development, project management, automotive and aviation, healthcare… the possibilities are endless.

Bottom line… collaboration is alive and well at ScanSource, and now is the time to take your Cisco room kit solution to the next level. Whether it's LG displays or Mezzanine from Oblong, we’re in a great position to help you find new revenue streams, or grow your revenue with existing customers. Get us involved and let us help you take your solution to the next level!