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Marketing resources to amplify YOUR message to YOUR audience

The ScanSource marketing team hosts a portfolio of resources to help you reach your partners faster and in more relevant ways. If you are looking for new customers, enter new areas, or develop existing business, these tools and connections can help your define and implement messaging- optimizing your time and investments.

Instant Resources

Customized Resources

Digital Marketing

  • Geofencing

    Use this innovative way to engage a captive, interested audience that has visited a desired target location. With this technology, we’re able to surround the predetermined location with a digital fence. Individuals who enter the fenced location can be identified by their devices and served digital ads—either while they’re still on the site, or at a later time.

    Timeline: Two to three months

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    When your site is built with SEO in mind, use search engine marketing to increase your visibility through paid advertising.

    Timeline: Recommended six-month minimum

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Once you’re happy with the state of your website, we can optimize it so it can be found across search engines.

    Timeline: Recommended six-month minimum

  • Social Media

    Develop and deploy a social-media strategy that’s ideal for your business.

    Timeline: Varies

  • Website and Logo Design

    Do you have an out-of-date website or inconsistent brand image? Our experts will design a functional website to help you put your best foot forward with your customers and prospects. If you already have a website, our team can assist with a full site refresh as needed. We also can develop an eyecatching logo for your company, product lines, or campaigns.

    Timeline: Four 60-minute sessions

Demand Development

  • Campaign Creation

    When communicating with customers and prospects, it’s important to have a reason to connect. We can develop integrated marketing campaigns that include blog posts, telemarketing, video production, social-media posts, onesheets, case studies, landing pages, emails, infographics, web seminars, podcasts, and more, to provide a foundation for discussion.

    Timeline: One month

  • Database Cleaning

    Detect, correct, or remove corrupt or inaccurate records from your database through our telemarketing team.

    Timeline: One to three months

  • Event Consulting

    Our team will provide guidance and share best practices for your events, including trade shows, individual booth setups, conferences, and more.

    Timeline: Varies

  • Telemarketing

    Utilize our telemarketing team to scrub your database, qualify interest, complete surveys, set appointments, or even register your customers for events. You’ll walk away with a report that reveals all conversations and shows a breakdown of responses.

    Timeline: Varies

  • Video Production

    Whether through a customer testimonial, a how-to, or an announcement, animated or live-action videos are a great way to personalize communication.

    Timeline: Varies

  • Voicemail Drop

    Make fast and cost-effective contact with your target audience through a perfectly delivered voicemail message—recorded by you, or any contact you’d like, and sent to everyone in your requested database. It’s nearly as personal as if you’d placed the call yourself.

    Timeline: Two weeks