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The versatility of Zebra's integrated voice and data mobile computing products allows you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise demands. Use mobile computers to equip your on-the-go workforce with the devices it needs for success wherever it's located.

  • MC3300 series
  • MC9200 series
  • MC9300
  • PS20 series
  • RS5100
  • RS6000 series
  • TC20
  • TC21/TC26
  • TC25
  • TC51/TC56
  • TC52-HC
  • TC52/TC57 series
  • TC70X/TC75x
  • TC72/TC77 series
  • TC8000
  • TC8300 series
  • WT6000



MC3300 Mobile Computer Series

The MC3300 makes it easy to migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms—Android. The same operating system that took the consumer world by storm is now fortified for business, providing a well-proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support for a total of 10 years with Zebra's LifeGuard® for Android. This next generation of the highly successful MC3000 series offers everything customers need to run their current terminal-emulation (TE) applications right out of the box—or reformat to create intuitive screens that utilize touch to simplify the user experience. Get next-generation productivity gains with the next-generation platform for warehouse mobility—the MC3300, only from Zebra.

Key features:
  • 4" color WVGA display
  • 1D and 2D imager engine options
  • Backwards compatible accessories to MC3200
  • Best-of-breed Android OS
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MC9200 Mobile Computer Series

The MC9200 is Zebra's best-of-breed mobile computer for the most demanding environments. You get the signature features that make up the foundation of every MC9000 Series mobile computer—rugged design, exceptional barcode scanning, and dependable operation with more scanning options, operating systems, and the ability to switch between operating systems. Raising the bar on rugged mobile computing, the MC9200 offers well-proven technology on which you and your workers can rely.

Key features:
  • 3.7" color VGA display
  • Available in seven of the most advanced scan engines
  • Rugged with IP64 sealing
  • Interchangeable keypads
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MC9300 - The Ultimate Android Ultra-Rugged Keypad and Touch Device

Representing the next generation of the world's best-selling and most trusted enterprise mobile computer family, the MC9300 builds on the MC9000 Series and makes it even better. It delivers unsurpassed power and performance while continuing the legacy of rugged, reliable construction and superior all-day comfort. The MC9300 boasts the very best of today's mobile technologies, the latest Android OS (Oreo), and new Mobility DNA solutions to help customers get more from their mobile device investment.

Key features:

  • 4.3" WVGA display
  • 1D and 2D scanning up to 70 feet
  • Optional 13MP rear facing camera
  • Lightning-fast Android Oreo OS




PS20 Personal Shopper Series

Every customer who enters a store can now have the ultimate, personalized shopping experience with the next-generation shopping assistant: the Android PS20 personal shopper. Building on the successful and proven MC18, the PS20 adds loads of features that can propel it to the head of its class—creating a dual-purpose device that provides an outstanding, in-store shopping experience—and automates tasks for store associates, increasing productivity. Users get our most rugged device in this category, ready for every day, all-day use. 

Key features:
  • First-time scanning of virtually any electronic or printed barcode in any condition
  • Advanced, large touchscreen that works even when wet
  • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections
  • Rich locationing support to enable fast delivery of personalized coupons and discounts to shoppers
  • Our most efficient order-picking path for associates
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RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Ring scanners can provide a workforce with hands-free scanning to maximize productivity—but today's workers have high expectations for wearable devices. They expect a modern design with a minimal footprint for maximum comfort. And they want it all with point-and-shoot scanning simplicity on every barcode and an ease-of-use that requires virtually no training. Enterprises require a flexible design that's as much at home in customer-facing areas as in the warehouse, rugged architecture that ensures a long lifecycle with a low total cost of ownership (TCO), scanning options that match the needs of their environment, and backroom accessories that reduce management time and cost.

Customers can have it all with the RS5100. Zebra's single-finger, Bluetooth ring scanner offers a comfortable, feather-light-yet-rugged, industrial design that's at home anywhere in the facility. Advanced scan engines boast unmatched performance, along with features that drive ease-of-use and manageability to a new level. Boost workforce productivity and reduce the time and cost of device management in any business with the RS5100—the next-generation wireless ring scanner.

Innovative Features of the RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Exceptional ergonomic, ease-of-use, and application flexibility

The RS5100 is practically weightless—just over two ounces and two cubic inches—for all-day comfort. It features multiple wearing styles: finger, back-of-hand mount, or lanyard. Multiple trigger choices allow for various use cases: top or side, and single or double trigger. Bluetooth, cordless, hands-free scanning provides complete freedom of movement, and the modular design can improve hygiene with the purchase of a trigger for each worker.

Incredible versatility

Users can pair the RS5100 with virtually any Zebra enterprise-class, Bluetooth-enabled, mobile device. Simply tap for split-second pairing on NFC-enabled Zebra devices. Businesses also get a choice of standard or extended-range PowerPrecision+ batteries; multiple, high-performance scan engines; a choice of aimer and LED illumination; and a choice of trigger—single for gloves, or double to switch hands on the fly.

Rugged durable design

With IP65 sealing, the dust-tight and waterproof RS5100 can handle hose-downs and easily survive drops of 6 ft./1.8 m, along with 1,000 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumble specifications equivalent of 2,000 hits. Metal buckle and nylon straps resist abrasion and wear, instead of typical hook-and-loop fasteners that wear out quickly. Triggers are rated for millions of actuations. 



RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner Series

Total Wearable Solutions are part of Zebra's only dedicated family of enterprise, wearable devices built on Android and backed by Zebra Mobility DNA—delivering ideal scan performance and manageability. By combining the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with one-of-a-kind features like tap-to-pair capabilities, Zebra's Total Wearable Solutions provide the operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity.


When pairing Zebra's wearable or handheld mobile computers with the RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, workers get the premier technology they need to take productivity to the next level. Along with instant pairing and a mode that eliminates Wi-Fi interference for fast, easy and hassle-free deployment of Bluetooth devices, users get Zebra's most rugged ring-style scanner, built to deliver reliable operations in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Maximize the value of a workforce and wearable mobile computers with the RS6000—only from Zebra.


Key Features:

  • Zebra's most rugged ring scanner
  • No Wi-Fi interference—guaranteed
  • Ambidextrous trigger button and mounts
  • Captures 1D or 2D barcodes



TC20 - Value-Tier Technology for Your Small Business

You’re running a small business. And that means there’s so much to do, and so little time. Now, there’s a new small-business tool that gives you everything you need to be more successful—the TC20 mobile computer from Zebra. You get the right looks, plus all the business features you need to help you save time and money, increase sales, and boost profitability in your store—all at the right price. The TC20 from Zebra is the small-business tool done right. Key features:
  • Autofocus, 8 MP color camera 
  • User-friendly Android OS
  • Doubles as a walkie-talkie
  • Zebra OneCare SV support option
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TC21/TC26 Touch Computer

Step up to the business-class durable TC21/TC26 Touch Computers — without stepping up in price. Choose the connectivity your workers need – the Wi-Fi-only TC21 or the Wi-Fi/cellular TC26. Then choose the features that will allow your workers to improve task accuracy and on-the-job efficiency. And you can protect it all with the affordable optional Zebra OneCare™ SV support plan, which covers normal wear and tear and much more. Key features:

  • Lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to operate with one hand 
  • First device in its class to offer Android 10.
  • Large 5-inch high definition advanced touchscreen
  • High resolution 13 MP Rear Camera
  • Optional Mobility DNA enterprise license
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TC25 - The Rugged Smartphone Designed for Small Business

Small business personnel spend their days making deliveries, repairing equipment, or providing services—from plumbing and electrical to parcel delivery, yard maintenance, and more. Every day, there's so much to do, so little time—and so many competitors ready to serve their customers if they can't get the job done fast enough. They need a tool to work faster and smarter, to satisfy their users every day. And with the TC25, they've found one.

Key features:
  • Easy to use like your personal smartphone
  • Instant and effortless scanning of electronic or printed barcodes
  • Fast cellular connections for crystal-clear voice calls
  • Rugged IP65 sealing
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TC51/TC56 - Beauty, Brains, and Brawn

Today’s workers want a device that's every bit as contemporary and easy to use as their smartphones. Your enterprise customers need a device that will last for years—built for all-day, everyday enterprise use, and with all the features to help workers achieve peak productivity and keep their data secure. The TC51 and TC56 Touch Computers from Zebra deliver. Your customers no longer have to compromise device design for enterprise functionality—or enterprise functionality for device design. They get a business-durable industrial device that looks and feels like the most popular consumer-style smartphones, along with the enterprise-class features, power, security, and manageability their business requires. The TC51 and TC56—the next evolution in enterprise touch computing.


Key Features:

  • Active Edge™ touch zone for ease of use
  • Maximum display size
  • Rugged and ready for business
  • Blazing-fast processing power
  • Exceptional battery power and power management
TC51/TC56 Accessory Guide     Learn more



TC52-HC - Our Ultimate in All-Touch Computing for Healthcare Workers

The TC52-HC touch computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver premier touch computing for today's healthcare workers. Medical workers get our industry-leading user experience: the simplicity of Android with all the mobile-computing, clinical-collaboration, and data-capture features they need to provide patients with the highest quality care. Staff stays connected throughout the hospital with clear VoIP calls, our most powerful family of ready-to-use voice solutions, secure text messaging, video conferencing, mobile alarms, and alerts. It also gets our most easily sanitized device available—ready for frequent cleanings and around-the-clock use.

Key features:
  • Android 8.1 Oreo OS
  • Disinfectant-ready to withstand frequent cleanings
  • 5MP front-facing camera
  • Workforce Connect PPT Express pre-installed for collaborative voice connections
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TC52 and TC57 Touch Computer Series

The rugged, TC52 Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51, and the TC57 Touch Computer builds on the equally successful TC56—adding a new platform and new capabilities inside and outside the four walls. The TC52 delivers premier, enterprise-class touch computing for retail and direct store delivery workers. Users get the ultimate experience: the simplicity of Android, plus all the business features workers need to improve staff enablement, maximize productivity, and minimize process cycle times. Enterprises get technology advancements on a cutting-edge platform—allowing sales staffs to maximize the benefits of mobility today, with the futureproofing they need to serve their businesses tomorrow. For the TC57, the latest in cellular network connectivity allows enterprises to provide workers with the fastest and most reliable wireless connections.

Key features:
  • Android Oreo 8.1 OS
  • Faster 2.2 GHz, 64-bit, octa-core processor
  • 5MP front-facing camera
  • Lifeguard for Android 
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TC70X/TC75X - Your Front Line to a Smarter Enterprise

Zebra TC70X Touch Computer
Your employees need enterprise-class, handheld computers to communicate and access information seamlessly, to work more efficiently and better serve your customers — yet they want a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as their own consumer devices. Now, you can give them both with the TC70 Series. The rugged design holds up even in the most demanding environments, and the TC70 Series can double as a voice-communications device. 

Key Features:
  • Industry-leading, dual-mode touch panel
  • Data input with finger, gloved finger, or stylus
  • Extremely rugged and ready for business
  • Warm-battery swap

Zebra TC75X Touch Computer

Your field workforce needs a mobile computer to access the people and information required to maximize efficiency and better serve your customers. You want to give them an enterprise-class, handheld, built-for-life, out-in-the-field device — yet your workers expect a device that is every bit as refined and easy-to-use as their own consumer smartphone. Introducing the TC75 Series, our Android mobile computer that delivers what you need. This includes a rugged design that provides reliable everyday operation, and instant push-to-talk communications with co-workers out in the field, as well as supervisors, dispatch, and more, back in the office. 

Key features:
  • Maximum data entry flexibility with dual-mode touch panel
  • Mobility extensions make Android more robust
  • Extremely rugged and ready for business
  • Warm-battery swap



TC72 and TC77 Touch Computer Series

The TC72 Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC70 Series family to create the ultimate, ultra-rugged, all-touch computer for all workers inside the four walls. It delivers a smartphone experience for maximum simplicity, construction designed to withstand years of the toughest everyday use and abuse, and a new platform offering more capabilities than any other device in this class, for maximum staff enablement. The TC77 builds on the successful TC75 Series for all workers outside the four walls, to provide complete, cellular-network flexibility.

Key features:
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz processor
  • 5MP front-facing and 13MP rear-facing camera
  • Super rugged with IP65 drop and IP67 sealing
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Zebra TC8000 Warehouse Mobile Computer

Warehouse productivity for the businesses you work with becomes better than ever with the TC8000 by Zebra Technologies, a groundbreaking warehouse mobile computer that increases efficiency by 14 percent.

By eliminating the constant need for a tilt-and-verify motion because of integrated proximity scanning, warehouse workers can execute tasks more quickly than ever, without the need to pick up or set down the device. Easy to use, durable, reliable, and amazingly accurate, the TC8000 transforms workflow for a wide variety of businesses with warehouse needs.

At ScanSource, we help resellers of the Zebra TC8000 set their clients up for success by providing thorough education and support to determine optimal value. Zebra products provide cutting-edge technology and enhanced user experience.

How to Use the Zebra TC8000

The Zebra TC8000 is everything warehouse workers could want in a mobile computer. From its easy handling to its breakthrough data capture, the powerful TC8000 is a tool warehouses should have in their arsenals. Manufacturing, warehouse management, retail industries, and more can use the TC8000 to manage inventory, scan barcodes, examine editable documents, and streamline production processes.

Benefits of the Zebra TC8000 include:

Ergonomic design: The TC8000 is up to a third lighter than traditional models, which makes it easier to handle over longer hours and enables it to reduce muscle fatigue to improve worker sentiment. A virtual keyboard increases ease of use, allowing workers to type up to 40 percent quicker with 60 percent fewer errors compared to push-button keyboards.

Exceptional scanner angle: Since no constant tilting is needed to view the screen that now faces the user while scanning, wrist motion is reduced by 55 percent, and muscle effort is decreased by 15 percent. Work is easier, and more can get done.

Ruggedly durable for the warehouse: The TC8000 has extreme impact ratings, making it a durable choice for a challenging and busy environment. It's water-resistant and dust-resistant, can handle extreme temperatures and volatile elements, and can withstand thousands of hits and falls. Advanced battery power keeps devices working longer, while battery swapping is quick and seamless and does not require the device to be powered down.

Hands-free proximity scanning: The TC8000 allows for both up-close scanning and scanning for distances up to 1.96 feet, so that users can hold the scanner, wear it in a hip holster or on a shoulder strap, or use it mounted to a cart or desktop.

The Zebra TC8000 works with the full suite of Zebra applications, administration utilities, and development tools, so all warehouse operations can stay connected on any device, with enterprise-class security to keep devices protected. From security to device handling, the Zebra TC8000 is an all-in-one solution for your warehouse clients.

More Mobile Computing Offerings From Zebra

Besides the Zebra TC8000, Zebra Technologies offers many more mobile computing solutions to help with any aspect of business. From tablets to vehicle-mounted computers, there are options for any setting and need, and the Zebra line uses Android so devices can work together, while staying secure.

Mobile computing offerings include:

Handheld: Zebra's line of tablets, handheld terminals, ring scanners, payment devices, and more are designed to be lightweight, ergonomically pleasant to use, reliable, and durable for the most demanding industries.

Vehicle-mounted: From warehouses and ports, to manufacturing plants and airports, vehicle mount terminals from Zebra work with the vehicles your clients use to deliver efficient computing tasks, and stay strong no matter what environment they are used in. High-resolution displays make sure data that needs to be accessed is easily seen in an instant.

Accessories: Zebra batteries, cables, adapters, computer cradles, and more work with Zebra products to ensure always-on connectivity and supreme efficiency. Easy to install and use, Zebra accessories are the ideal complement to Zebra Technologies products.

Zebra is an industry leader in mobile computing because the brand combines the best in technology with user experience at front of mind. With support from the ScanSource team, you can feel confident in conveying the value of the Zebra TC8000, and other mobile computing options, to those with whom you work.



TC8300 Touch Computer Series

Built on the groundbreaking, highly successful TC8000 touch computer, the TC8300 touch computer offers more power, a future-proof platform, enhanced data capture, and premier ergonomics. Terminal emulation (TE) applications automatically get a modern, all-touch interface with virtual keyboard to increase data-entry speed and accuracy—14% faster than a green-screen interface. All of this, plus the latest Wi-Fi technology and our Mobility DNA solutions, adds up to unprecedented productivity and usability. Zebra's most powerful and feature-rich, all-touch device to date, the TC8300 is ideal for customers who want to equip workers inside the four walls with exceptional mobile technologies. With a new chipset platform, underlying support for Android O, P, and Q releases, and the security of LifeGuard® for Android, customers can be confident in a future-proof solution that will continue delivering value for their businesses.

Key features:
  • 4" color LCD display
  • Flawless capture barcodes up to 70feet away
  • Use of existing terminal emulation (TE) right out of the box
  • 14% boost in workforce productivity



WT6000 - The All New Android Wearable

Zebra is proud to introduce the WT6000 wearable computer for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing operations. Built on Android and backed by Mobility DNA, the WT6000 sets our new standard for ease of use, and giving workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level.

Enhance productivity by 15% with:
  • A complete, multi-modal solution: screen, voice, or a combination
  • All-touch terminal emulation- transform green screens to modern UI
  • Tap-to-pair Bluetooth or corded 1D/2D ring scanners and headsets
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  • VC80X series
  • VC8300



VC80X Vehicle-Mounted Computer Series

Material-handling vehicle operators need a device that can handle multiple tasks quickly and easily. Whether they are moving incoming shipments in a warehouse into inventory, moving containers on and off ships or trains, or moving baggage to and from departing and arriving planes, they need to achieve maximum throughput and accuracy. With the VC80x vehicle-mounted computer, they will.

Key features:
  • 10.4" color XGA display
  • Extremely rugged IP66 sealing
  • Android-certified for security and performance
  • Freezer-ready capabilities
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VC8300 - The Ultimate in Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Computing

Warehouse workers need a compact and rugged device that makes installation, migration, and device management easy and cost-effective. Add in an integrated keyboard that supports "green screen" apps and a touchscreen that meets the needs of tomorrow's Android apps, and workers can have it all with the VC8300—the ultimate, ultra-rugged, Android vehicle-mount computer. With its eight-inch screen and keyboard that are integrated into a single, compact housing, the VC8300 is a perfect fit in virtually any warehouse vehicle—even in the most space-constrained stand-up or sit-down forklifts.

The ultra-rugged VC8300 is ready for the most extreme environments—inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock, and even in the freezer. Upgrading existing devices is simple and cost-efficient, using mounts and power cables already in place, and replacement couldn't be easier—just drop it in, and it's ready to go.

When it comes to flexibility, the VC8300 is in a class of its own. Since the same platform is shared with Zebra's rugged handheld and wearable mobile devices, any worker can use any Zebra device with minimal training. This provides the flexibility to deploy workers in different areas of a warehouse to address changing workloads.

Best of all, the VC8300 offers unbeatable value. Only Zebra offers Mobility DNA, a set of value-added, powerful applications that transform Android into an easy-to-manage, robust, enterprise-class OS. So, workforce productivity gets a boost, while deployment and application development are as simple as can be.

Learn more     Accessory Guide

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If the benefits of Zebra mobile computers sound like the solution your clients are looking for, you can become a mobile computer reseller today with ScanSource. Have questions? Contact us for more information about Zebra products. You can also give us a call at 800.944.2432 to talk with a ScanSource representative to learn more about how Zebra mobile computers can help your clients.